Food NW Build a Future-Proof Supply Chain

Food Northwest has taken the lead and is enthusiastically driving forward a three year supply chain project.  With over £900k of support from NWDA, the project will strengthen the well established food supply chain in the northwest by creating a collaborative environment for the key players in the sector and their respective supply chain partners.

The project will meet a number of strategic objectives including:

The differentiator with the Food Northwest project is that it goes much further than just looking at potential efficiency savings in one company.  The activity will create the conditions for long term supply chain partnerships.  The project is looking for collective opportunities involving key elements of the supply chain, and is the enabler to ensure OEM’s take a more collaborative approach when working with their key customers and suppliers.  The project is designed to generate benefits for the supply chain as a whole. 

Starting with Dairy, and expanding across the Bakery, Brewing and Red Meat sub-sectors by 2012, the project activity focuses on upstream constraints with customers, internal waste & efficiency at the OEM and downstream opportunities with suppliers.

By promoting positive behaviors and creating win/win situations between customers and suppliers, the project is seeking out robust solutions to drive continuous and sustainable improvements which will result in a more competitive regional supply chain which will be in place for many years to come.


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