William's Butter

William Bromilow with Nigel Haworth


Food NW Gold Heart Award winner 2011 – Salted Butter

Food NW Heart Award winner 2011 – Chilli, Lime, Coriander & Mint Butter

Food NW Heart Award winner 2011 – Garlic & Herb Butter

As a sixth generation dairy farmer William Bromilow had long made his own butter as a hobby, but three years ago he had a ‘flash of inspiration’ and started his own businesses making butter in the traditional way.

He is now supplying to shops, caterers, pubs and farmers markets and is currently creating a new type of churn with a local blacksmith.

William set out making his own ‘small batch’ butter after realising that he could create the same range of flavours and varieties that others were doing with cheese.

Based in Bolton and employing three people, the company’s award winning ‘salted butter’ was the first butter William made and is still the company’s bestseller. He claims it has its own unique, real butter taste that many people had forgotten about or taken for granted and this is the second year the butter has won at the Fine Food Awards.

He says: “Being a small company allows us to experiment, innovate and try out big ideas. There are very few products like this around any more, so we can spend time listening to customers and taking on board their comments, to help us to continue to make great products.

Since starting the business three years ago William, using 80-100 gallons of cream each week, has created a range of butters including unsalted, slightly salted, salted, extra salted, garlic and herb, garlic, chive, lime and coriander and herb. He also sells his own buttercream, which he says is becoming more popular with chefs as it freezes well and has less fat than milk.

William says: “Butter deserves to be recognised as a great product within itself and not just as an ingredient. I am delighted that our small team has been recognised for its efforts and I hope this award will help us to continue to encourage more and more people to try our products.“

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