Enworks Programme

ENWORKS resource efficiency

The ENWORKS resource efficiency Programme is a Northwest regional programme of co-ordinated environmental business support to improve the impact and rate of adoption of resource efficiency technologies, systems and processes, with a particular focus on delivery to specific RES priority sectors, high growth companies and companies with high resource efficiency opportunities.

As part of this Programme, Food Northwest will deliver support to Food Sector businesses to assist them to:

Activities will be in the following areas:

  1. Clean Design – modifying a product or service to reduce its environmental impact e.g. light weight packaging
  2. Water, Material and Energy, Process Efficiency
  3. Maximise the value from residual resource streams (waste) e.g. sell ‘waste’ to a third party who can use it as a replacement raw material
  4. Support sustainable procurement

Food and Drink Manufacturing Institute

Managing the environmental aspects of our industry is fundamental to sustainable business practice. By using this toolkit you will be able to identify and implement the key procedures that are essential to sustainable business performance.

The toolkit provides a set of simple and adaptable templates that managers can use to ensure their operations, large or small, are well managed. It will help you to comply with environmental legislation and will be useful to develop and review your environmental management system. It is deliberately not an EMS of itself but it will help you if you are on that journey. We have also included some essential references and sources of helpful advice and information. I am convinced that if you follow the toolkit carefully you will be able to achieve real bottom line business benefits.

We will keep the toolkit under review throughout 2010, so please let us know any feedback so we can improve it further. You can provide feedback to your local Environment Agency contact or directly to toolkits@environment-agency.gov.uk or to your trade association representative. I recommend the environmental management toolkit to you.

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If you would like further details on the funding available please contact: Matt Fryer, Food NW on 01928 511011